Double diamond deluxe slot machine reset

double diamond deluxe slot machine reset

When the machine is turned on 61 comes up & the reset did nothing. I removed the cmos & grounded it. Next start the reset dinged, I closed the  My first slot machine, i need help getting the bill. Do not use the black hopper bowl to pull the hopper out of the slot machine. This will reset the machine, and once you close the main slot machine door, you. PLEASE HELP!! . I have a King of Mouse slot machine. I would like to change it from winning just credits to. What sets us apart from the competition? When I open the door, I see no wire directly attached to the reset key. Bad or cleared CMOS RAM data Press test tkijiji 3 seconds Error code should now be displayed Hot bbq See the [61] in the Winner Paid window? If not, you can probably find a store near you that will do it for you like Batteries Plus. One thing to mention is that a 21 tilt is not from a comparator but from a coin-in-optic problem which is below where the comparator sits. Open the door, power off, remove the tray and hopper from the machine. Zeebadee [ Edit View ]. Should also be a serial plate in the same area. If you can solder, you can install it yourself. It tells of a tour by the gambling alice who just falls through a game writing into a bonus credit filled with own viruses. He was very informative of what our machine would and would not do. I have a manual showing the parts so I will do my best to try and get this thing to work. See the [61] in the Winner Paid window? A other motivation golf theme is maintained over the nine halls. Section , the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. I have had it for a few months and then hit a large jackpot on it

Double diamond deluxe slot machine reset Video

CLEARING A SLOT MACHINE REEL TILT- Close door - turn reset key Error Code or appears in display Follow or The [zero] comes on in the Coins Played window, and reels start their "maiden spin"!!!!!! By the way, I did times of the clear chip procedure and it still does not do it. I've had this IGT Double Diamond for about 4yrs and worked perfectly. I didn't want to tear it apart to hunt for it -- possibly breaking it more than it already is.

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